Items That You Can use for Bail Bond Collateral

When you go to jail, the option to post bond is one that is there for you to make. However, rather than pay the court the bond amount directly, it is better to call a bondsman for Bail bonds Allentown PA. A bondsman charges just 10% of the original bond amount, plus a small bondsman fee. However, if the money to post bail still isn’t available, you may be able to make a property bond.

Items of Value

A property bond is made on any items of value. The property is used as collateral so if you do not appear in court on the scheduled date and time, you will lose this property. The outcome of the case is unimportant so long as you make your appearance as promised. What type of items can be used to make a property bond?


Land is one of the most commonly used forms of collateral that you can place up on the bond. This is usually reserved for larger bond amounts. Do keep in mind that you are risking your land if you don’t go to court as promised.


TVs, sound systems, and other electronic items are also valuable for anyone who needs to post a bond but who may not have the money available. Talk to your bondsman to learn more.


Everyone loves to wear jewelry. It highlights their outfit and helps them look their best. And when it’s time to make a bond, jewelry is valuable to the bondsman so it can be used as collateral for the bond.


Bail bonds Allentown PA

Firearms can also be used as collateral during the bonding process when the cash amount is not available. Most types of bonds are acceptable to use as collateral for a bond payment.

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