1. Coral

    Such a great post. You have summarized what we learnt in this challenge. Also you polymer clay are so unique and organic. Lovely line.

  2. Dear Marica im sorry for the late comment my computer died and my phone wouldn’t allow me to post coments so now that it’s fixed I’mgoning thru the blogs and I have to say I truly enjoy your blog and seeing your creations, your sea line with the leather and polymer it’s just lovely! Keep the good work I think you are doing wonderful, don’t overthink it you are a great designer I can’t wait to see the whole line

  3. Marica–This is an excellent blog and really summarizes our discussions so far. Thanks for doing that.

    Your colors are great and really fit into your theme, and your polymer pieces really go well with the focals you’ve colored. I know your finished line with be great!

  4. Haha, Marica, I just love your humor! Must be that Malta living? ;) Fab work on your line! Although I’m doing a shabby look for mine, I really do like rustic as well. I can smell the ocean breezes! :)

  5. Nadine Edris

    I love the rustic, weathered look and your line is a great example! I love the whole feel of it but the mermaid earrings are fab. Great blog post and it is so obvious that you’ve been working hard on this. Great results!!! Love, love, love. and I may have to see about some of your polymer pieces for another project I have in mind :-)

  6. Hi Marcia! I was certain I had posted on here but I looked and don’t see it so… I love your theme and the components are really cool. i like the feeling and the texture and movement in you pieces and I love Love the mermaid earrings!!! Great Job! Be Blessed!

    • Yes you had already posted Robin but thanks for visiting my blog again :-) Many lovely people commenting so it’s very easy to “loose” your comment.

      Thank you so much! Love love your work too :-)

  7. LOL–I love your weathered look on the Great Wall of China! Beautiful polymer clay shells and pieces! I really like how your Ocean theme is completely different from anyone else’s and it’s beautiful! Also, love reading all your comments in the class. You’re very funny and your blog is so well written! :):)

    • haha thanks Alexandra! :-)

      I try to see the funny side in things if possible. It’s what has kept me sane all these years. Wait, that’s kinda implying that I’m sane. Hmmm not so sure it’s working LOL


      Marica xx

  8. Pamela, Novegatti Designs

    Great post, Marica! I love the components and pieces you’ve made so far … the weathered antiqued look is fantastic. ;) You’ve got a nice line going, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your jewelry!

  9. Mitzie

    Whatever you’re doing to age and color the metal is superior to about anything I’ve seen. I absolutely adore those rustic connectors you made; haven’t seen them in your shop so I need to look more often. Beautiful work!

  10. Everything looks fabulous. I adore the weathered look you’ve given the metal and the polymer clay. And you can always distress those extra charms you picked up with paints or Swellegant or something. So, I know you’ll find a creative way to use them too. Looking forward to the debut of the line next month.

  11. Louise

    Marica you just rock!!! I love your creative stlye and your jewelry pieces are just awesome!!!!! This is an exceptional blog post with so much honesty, fun and information for growth!!! Thank you so very much for always sharing the gifts of you!!! Oh by the way I love, love, love the Mermaid earrings they are beautiful! ~ Louise

  12. Mary Craig

    Your post was a really helpful recap of the course so far. Your work is just beautiful. I’m especially enchanted with the polymer sea shell charms–lovely!

    • Oh thank you Mary! Yes I’ve tried to summarize what we’ve learnt so far. Just the main points because it’s impossible to condense everything we’ve learned in one post lol Well you could, but then it’d become a book not a blog post haha

  13. Janet Calardo

    l loved your blog post. I felt like we were having a conversation.I could hear the words. Love your line and the clay components that you made to go with them. I really liked the silver stamping also. Can’t wait to see the completed line.

    • Thank you Janet! :-) I still have to think what colors to use for the silver pieces. Trying to decide whether to make them solely with silver components or whether I should mix metals. Hmmm …

  14. Irene Hoffman

    What a great blog post. Your line is working up beautifully. Can hardly wait to see all your finished pieces. Love that rustic look and the incorporation of polymer clay. Fantastic.

    • Hey Deb :-) Good to see you here.

      Thank you for your lovely words about my work. Yes I tried to keep it as clean and simple as possible. I’m using a free WordPress theme but it’s enough for now.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Marica xx

  15. Marica, it’s such an encouragement to me that even you’re struggling w/ what to make and where to go with it. I don’t feel so alone in this “journey.”

    What you’re making looks so intriguing, can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

  16. MJ Casady

    I love the rustic, weathered look of your line, Marica. Your work, your own blog, and the comments that you leave on our blogs are truly inspiring; I wish Malta was just a little closer to us!

  17. Marica, your post validates me. I never expected some of the resistance there was to these ideas which are simply developing and selling a line 101. There really is no getting around it unless you intend to create large bodies of work for your own pleasure, selling a piece every now and again. If that’s what a person wants then they are probably having the most fun of all, free to entertain themselves at will.

    I thought people joined us because they wanted to sell more jewelry. Perhaps at first they thought they did and then came to realize it was more fun and satisfying to buy components and play. That’s still okay.

    But our class is based on growth, an open mind, and tailored to the individuals who want to parlay their efforts into a secondary…or even primary income. This blog post gets an A++++++ on not only getting the point, but the willingness to learn and provide for every type of customer without sacrificing quality OR artistic intent.

    I know it was not easy….but you will reap the reward in the long run. Nothing worthwhile comes without an open mind and effort. And kudos to all who posted and gave it their best even though they are finding they really don’t want change or to consider making a lower priced add on line.

    A++++to all who stay the course to the finish. There are lessons right and left here, we take what we want and file the rest. You, my dear, are doing a brilliant job of analyzing and rethinking your efforts….yep. It’s about smarter…not harder.

    • Thank you so much Brenda Sue! I have always loved learning and went into this class with the intention to open my mind to everything and anything that you were going to teach us.

      True I wasn’t expecting some of the things that were discussed in class – like fashion trends and designers for example LOL but I now realize that it was a mistake to completely shut off the fashion world from my life because 1) hello? my customers may not be like me and 2) we can all learn a TON of things from those who came before us and made it.

      I count my lucky stars every day for taking this class. Thank you Brenda Sue. You’re the best!

  18. Leila Belcher

    You have some beautiful components going on there. Don’t worry. One day they will stand up and tell you what they want to be. And those Mermaid earrings? I would wear them right now. Simply gorgeous!

  19. I just love reading all your aha moment. You polymer clay charms are darling and so are your connectors. Your color choices are awesome and will reach out to many customers. Love your blog can’t wait to see the finish line

  20. Chi

    I think you have perfectly captured your weathered, distressed, antique look. The designs are great and the colors you are showing work great. More, please!

  21. Lovin everything Marica .. more inspiration .. love those mermaid earrings .. I was going to add a pair to my earring line but I’m having a hard time designing them .. maybe by March 20th I can come up with something .. You inspire me ..

    • Thank you so much Jann! So appreciate your feedback on my line.

      I’m sure that you’ll figure out something – your designs are always so fabulous. Mermaid earrings are a must ;-)

  22. Love the colors LOVE them! Your polymer shells are gorgeous! Could not see the potential in the connectors, but holy moly are they absolutely perfect with your mermaids or what? Wow! I am so looking forward to seeing the rest of the line!

  23. Hi Marcia!
    Looks great so far!! I am a big mermaid nut and I have them in my line too but my theme is more of a nature based, organic theme. I played with the idea of an oceanic theme but knew there was more I wanted to include so I opened it up. So now the mermaids are the only thing our lines will have in common- LOL
    I like your grudge-look polymer clay connectors and your polymer clay shell molds are cool too-Really ornate!
    Look forward to seeing your finished line!
    xo Liz

  24. It’s so heartening to read about everyone’s struggles. I don’t feel so “alone”. Thanks for sharing all that. I’m loving your weathered look and your polyclay components. they are wonderful. You have a wonderful start! That bracelet is so pretty!

    • Why thank you Nike! :-)

      I think that we all have the potential to become successful jewelry designers. We have the wonderful guidance of Brenda Sue, now all we have to do is take action and do it!

  25. Great post, Marica! I can appreciate your struggles, as I’ve had my own. I am so impressed with the components you’ve weathered and colored, not to mention your polymer clay work. You’re on your way!

  26. Hi Marica, what a great post! I can feel your personality coming through your writing. I love your pieces, and the photos of them. I really love those coral connectors that you’ve made from clay. I can’t wait to see those as a necklace or a focal on a bracelet. Beautiful!

    • Thank you so much Joan! :-) I think that I should be able to finish off some pieces quicker now. Can’t keep taking this long to design something otherwise it would cost an arm and a leg LOL

      Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it.

  27. Love how you have colorized your pieces. I can relate to having to write down exactly how you achieved the color or else forget! Been there!! Your rustic polymer pieces just add another level of uniqueness and those mermaid earrings are wonderful! ~Ingrid

  28. I have to admit, when I saw the pic of the clay connectors by themselves, I’m thinking what?? but when you put the mermaids in front of them it’s like Ah! kewl! it really looks like they are peeking around a big chunk of coral in the sea! brillant!

  29. Ok, the polymer clay connectors REALLY pique my interest! I love how you used the charm version on the mermaid earrings and CAN’T WAIT to see your finished pieces. You have the makings of a truly unique line. I’m excited for you Marica!


  30. I totally was NOT expecting this!! Just impeccable work and cohesion of style is incredible Marica. You’ve given me tons of inspiration here!

  31. Marica, you are an inspiration! I love your blog, and I’m loving your line. It is so organic looking. I can’t wait to see it come together because your parts of fabulous! Well done, my friend. Well done, indeed!

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