Join my Bead Lovelies Club (it’s FREE!)

What type of awesomeness can you expect when you join my Bead Lovelies Club? :-)

Well for starters, club members are the first to know when I list new beads in my Etsy shop.

Some of the beads I made over the past few months were very well received. Some in fact, sold out within a few minutes of me posting them on Etsy.

So how do you avoid missing out on such lovelies? You join my Bead Lovelies Club, that’s how ;-) Each time I have a shop update, I’ll send out a quick email to members to let them know that some lovelies have just made their way to my Etsy shop.

Club members will also benefit from exclusive tips on how they can market and sell more of their jewelry online. This will not be your usual blog post that everyone else can see. No Siree. This will be top secret shtuff you know ;-)

January 2016 will see me start working on a huge project (the biggest project of my life) that will benefit most jewelry designers and artists. If you want to sell more of your jewelry online, you’re going to love this. Guaranteed! So join my club by filling in the simple form that you see further down the page to get more info on this top secret project ;-)

What else do you get when you join?

Discounts! From time to time, I will also be offering special discounts for club members only.

That all?

Nope. When you join you’ll also get the opportunity to participate in contests and giveaways that I have planned for 2016. Yippee!

Like the Bead Lovelies Bonanza Giveaway for instance. I had this giveaway to celebrate the launch of my website.

Michele Dell from the U.S.A. won the bonanza of beads that you see below just for being a member of my club. I picked one email address at random from all club members.

Bead Lovelies Giveaway

In the giveaway there was a beautiful dragonfly pendant, a tribal inspired pendant, five chunky rustic focals, two connectors, three gorgeous chunky barrel beads and a pair of earring beads from my Topkapi Lace collection. I also included some terracotta and glass beads as well as some lovely sari ribbon. This bead bonanza had a value of $110.00 and Michele won the whole thing! :-)

When you join my Bead Lovelies Club you’ll also get updates on what I’ve been up to in my studio, techniques I’m using to sell my finished jewelry and much more!

Want in? Awesome!

Just fill in your email in the form below and you’re in :-)

Much love and peace,

Marica xx