1. Marica–Great, informative blog post. Your line is really pulled together, I love the “Seas the Day” plaque. Thanks for all the input to the group. You really added a lot to the discussions. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Marcia :)
    You really outdid yourself! All of your work is so beautiful!! I don’t know how you found the time to get so much done- I am forever wishing there were a few more days in the week! LOL! What a great thing this has been for us all to go through the BALC experience together! Look forward to seeing more of your lovelies and sharing more of our experiences in our new Alumn group!
    XOX Liz

    • Thank you so much Elizabeth! Well I practically stopped my life for 3 months LOL I worked on my line like a mad woman day and night :-) I’m still recovering haha

      Thanks for stopping by. See you in the Alumni group :-)

  3. Gina Hockett

    Marica, I have so enjoyed reading your posts in the classroom and in the blog hop! You have a very fresh point of view! Rustic, Bohemian, beautiful, I love Salvina’s treasures. The amount of work you accomplished to bring this to fruition is fantastic, and I am sure your new Etsy shop will bear the fruits of your ambition. Great job!!!!

  4. Love your sense of humor and have so enjoyed reading your class comments and plan to enjoy more! Yo have really created a wonderfully cohesive line–love the boho, gypsy feel and using a pc something in every piece. My fave is the silver book chain bracelet–that rocks! :):)

    • Thank you so much Alexandra :-) I will have to make more silver pieces. Made that one last because I struggle a bit designing silver pieces. I love how it turned out though.

  5. Marica, I’m so happy I’ve had the chance to work with you in the BALC! Your vision, marketing skills, and struggles-like many of us, which you’ve shared have provided inspiration, ideas, and food for thought for me. I love your line, especially your play on words, “Seas the Day.” Very clever. I’ve favorited your etsy shop and wish you all the best!

  6. Fran S from NC

    Marcia, I truly sense cohesiveness in theme, design, color and artistry. Your photography shows us the delightful details and the range and scope of your line. Very impressive!

  7. Well duh! I read Marica’s as one of the first I checked out (I never read in order, probably a mistake) and FORGOT to comment…..but I LOVE this line, I LOVE the bits made to look like old sea trash and driftwood that Marica hand crafted. Seas the Day, how cute is THAT. I think she has amazing potential with this line to sell along with her bead line as components and kits, also the sold pieces, it could expand her income by quite a bit, and she could easily produce in sessions….and then come up with a new line. Very cool trendy Boho look. I don’t imagine these pieces will hand around long when she puts them up for sale….be sure you sign them, Marica!

    • Oh thank you SO much Brenda Sue! I am smiling from ear to ear :-) Your lovely words about my work mean the world to me. I’m signing ALL my pieces. I learned that from you :-) I’m so happy you like my new line. *Squeee*

      Thank you for the most wonderfully enriching class I’ve taken in a while. You rock Ms Brenda!

  8. Fabulous work. Your designs have the sunken treasure vibe, your new Etsy shop looks great, and I love that group photo at the end. Brilliant work. Wishing you much success with this wonderful line.

  9. Astonishing, your work speaks for itself. This is really a great line and will appeal to so many different clients. I’m really impressed by how much you’ve accomplished and your entire plan.

    • Thank you Jeanette :-) It’s been a lot of work but I’m very happy that I reached my goal of opening my shop by the 20th.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Appreciate that.

  10. You should be so proud Marcia!! This design line is just fabulous! Love the whole ancient tone to each piece and the cohesive look is impeccable!

  11. WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! You really grabbed this challenge by the horns. I love all your pieces, they work so well together and feel a bit bohemian to me. I just adore your ocean line, it was such a pleasure working alongside you in this challenge Awesome job!

  12. Louise

    Marcia you truly rocked your line!! Your blog is always so much fun and I love it!!! It is so amazing that you had an idea way before embarking on this class adventure and then wow an event occurred to make your vision come true. Thank you for so much for so much information and I am truly greatful for your inspration and support. You are just the best! ~Louise

    • Thank you dear Louise. You are a breath of fresh air and I so enjoyed interacting (and laughing) with you in class :-)

      What an amazing time we’ve had. I loved reading your blog. Your line is fantastic!

  13. Jjan Peters

    Treasure from the Sea! Wow, wow, WOW! Marica, you have really done it! Your hard work for the last few months really had paid off. The concepts, the colors and the sense of playfulness in your work is fabulous. I love you are opening a new store to set off all your work too. I think you are going to be very successful with your line. I want to come to Malta and dig for treasure, or at least make some fun bracelets together!

    • Thank you so much Jjan :-) As a kid, I used to fantasize finding little treasures at the beach or underwater. Never happened LOL

      That would be awesome. I can’t promise that I will not steal your cuff bracelets though LOL You know I love them :-)

  14. Pamela, Novegatti Designs

    I love your line, Marica! The rustic look is fantastic, and you’ve done a lot of work … lots of variety with a cohesive look. I especially like the ‘Seas the Day’ necklace. It’s been a wonderful time in class with you, and best wishes on your line! <3

  15. Marica! Amazing amount of work! You really went to town on this one and opening a new shop while doing it! Love the rustic look of your pieces. And “seas the day” cracked me UP. Did you come up with that one? It’s perfect! I really like the silvertone charm bracelet you did also. I’m glad you are doing more. It looks fantastic. Well done.

    • haha no I didn’t come up with it. I kept seeing lots of nautical wooden signs with that phrase and decided to make a necklace :-)

      Thank you so much for your lovely words about my work Lee. You know I LOVE your line too!

  16. This is a wonderful and very cohesive line!!! i love the colors and the “feel” of it, you can almost smell the sea!! Great Texture and movement! Really Great Job!!! It has been a blast working with you! Be Blessed!

    • Thank you so much Robin. Likewise! I’ve enjoyed every minute of this challenge, even though it was a lot of work. But that’s because I was crazy enough to decide that I wanted to make lots of pieces and list them too lol

  17. Marica, OMG, what a great blog post and line!! I love the look of your line… looks like it was salvaged from a long lost treasure chest in the sea. Congrats on getting your store up and running. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this journey with you. Wishing you much success, Marica!!

    • Thank you so much Marcia. That’s exactly the kind of look that I was going for. I need to refine my about page to reflect that because I just wrote something in a rush on it.

      All the best with your wonderful tulips line too!

  18. Nadine

    What a treasure indeed! Your line is fabulous(very much my style) and I love everything about it! You’ve taken all that we learned together and produced such an amazing line. You really rocked it!
    You’ve been such a vital part of this group. I’ve loved getting to know you through this adventure and look forward to more!
    I can’t wait to get my own piece of MZ art! I also want some poly earring charms now that I can work on something besides my line!!!
    Really great job!

    • Awww thank you so much Nadine! You’ve made my day :-) You know I love your work too.

      I need to urgently make some more beads for my beads shop because there’s not much left right now. If you see anything from my sold section that you like, let me know. I can usually reproduce them if I remember the exact color formula I used lol

  19. Well done Marica! Your line is stunning. I’m amazed you got your shop opened also, but not surprised at all that you’ve already had a sale.

    You’ve been such a huge support throughout this challenge, and for that I truly thank you.


    • Thank you Susan! :-) I am over the moon that I got my first sale. I mailed out the necklace this morning :-)

      It’s been a wonderful journey that I’ll never forget. We’ve all learned from each other’s experiences, struggles and wins.

      Wishing you all the best with your Flights of Fancy line :-)

    • Thank you Kat :-) Yes I tend to give things my all once I decide on doing something. I don’t always manage because life gets in the way sometimes, but I’m really happy I managed to open my shop. Taking the photos took me forever! lol

  20. Maria Clark

    Wow! So ambitious to finish the challenge and open an Etsy shop but you did it. You go girl! Fantastic line. Love how you used the polymer clay. Such a privilege to work with you and the other artists during this challenge. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you so much Maria! It was a lot of hard work to manage to open the shop on time. I think that I still haven’t recovered physically LOL I’m so tired. I feel like an 80 year old this morning haha

  21. Janet Calardo

    Wow what a wonderful line! I love the theme and everything is so cohesive looking. You colors are so neat and the last photo is so cool looking. What a great poster that would make. So glad I was part of the journey with you !

    • Thank you so much Janet! That last photo was taken in a bit of a rush. I got bored trying to get all the dangles to look right, etc haha

      I will have to take a better photo when I get a minute.

      Will be stopping by your blog shortly.

  22. Ne Cultice

    Such an awesome line, I just love it all Marcia. It’s very cohesive, very marketable and very beautiful. Job well done…Congrats~! xXx

  23. Marica, I can relate to everything you said in your post. I feel much the same way, and you put it into words perfectly! I love your pieces, and the polymer clay coral elements are my favorite part. The touch of lace was a brilliant idea, too! Congratulations on how these turned out, I know you worked so hard on this.

    • haha thank you Lori! :-) Yep I’ve practically put my life on hold the past 3 months haha

      Time to get back to “normal” again. Wait, I still have to finish my mannequin before someone sues me for posting hideous things on my Etsy lol

  24. L O V E your work! I am so thrilled to see what you have done. You took the baton and ran with this! It is exciting to be in a class with you as you have a such a spirit of giving. I have learned from you too~

    I love your work and will have to get me a piece for sure. Best Wishes and Way to go! Happy Sales to you

  25. Over the top BEAUTIFUL .. do I really need to say more .. ok I will .. can’t decide which is my favorite becasue I LOVE them ALL .. we should open a store together .. LOL .. I know we live so far apart .. anyway you are a joy to know sweet lady .. XoXo

    • Thank you so much Jann! :-) You know I absolutely love your line, especially your stunning cuff bracelets!

      What a pleasure it’s been to get to know you and all the participants of the first Build A Line masterclass.

  26. Irene Hoffman

    OMG Marica, beautiful job, beautiful line. It will be very successful no doubt. Oh and loved your blog post. Fantastic job!!

  27. What a beautiful line! I love the organic look and the pieces work together so well! Thank you for always being there in the group and for the great questions you asked!! I am sure you will be successful with this wonderful jewelry line.

  28. Love love love your line. I like to organic look very much. Though the clay is not the focal but it adds the feeling of ocean in your line. I feel like walking on the beach picking up treasures. Very beautiful line.

  29. Marica, before I forget I have to say this: You have brought some much joy, and wit, and humor to this challenge, along with some “techie” advice that saved the day for me! You are a bright light and a joy to know. Plus, you often have me falling into side splitting laughter. You line came together beautifully. The colors are wonderful, the addition of the clay piece as a unifying element is spot on, and each piece is a lovely work of art. Your blog is well written and again, wonderfully witty! You rock, lovely lady! The pleasure has been all mine. Thank you!

    • Well you have an extensive line. I can tell this is your passion creating jewelry. I’m impressed that you have it up on Etsy already, I’m still working on getting it up. The polymer clay goes well with your design and I love the rustic look of it. And your message seas the day. A lot of hard work looks like it’s paid off and thank you for sharing

      • Thank you so much Cindy. I so appreciate your lovely words about my work.

        I was really panicking the last couple of days. Thought I wouldn’t manage to list them all. I still need to refine my about page and the product descriptions (they could be much better) but at least the shop’s open.

        Taking photos takes me WAY too long too.

    • Awww thank you Susan! I have learned a LOT from you and all the other participants too. And of course, from our champion teacher Brenda Sue!

      I can’t wait to see your line and read your blog. I always enjoy visiting your blog. You’re such a great writer and funny too.

      Here’s to new wonderful beginnings my friend :-)

      Marica xx

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