1. Thank you Hannah! :-) Yes I love incorporating fibers into my designs. Would love to do that even more :-)

    Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely words about my work.

  2. Becky Pancake

    Hi Marcia, You really produced a lot of lovely pieces. Great job. The blue bracelet is my favorite.

    • Hi Becky :-) Thanks for stopping by. And thank you for the lovely words about my work.

      Love that bracelet myself. Enjoyed this bead swap. It was my first one :-)

  3. I love the whimsy you add to your pieces – just a small detail but it makes a difference :) You have received wonderful beads but your faux driftwood bead is really something!

  4. WOW…i mean…WOW! These pieces are great. I am totally inlove with the octopus one and the starfish. I heart starfish!!! Love the colors and mixed medias. Clay art is so fun and something I have never tried! GREAT job

  5. Loads of pretty pieces as you usually do, lol the Anchor Bracelet is my fav. It looks light and summmery for the hopeful days ahead. luv how you did backround on artist creating the components.

  6. All of the creaations are so lovely and lively ! It is intereting to see the way you pull such varied bits and pieces together. Enjoyed your commentary also.

    • Hi Alexandra! Great to see you here :-)

      Yes I love those square earrings. Have already worn them a couple of times now :-) This bead swap was a lot of fun. It made me try different things too which is always a plus.

  7. sam

    I am totally loving you necklaces that starfish rocks! your gorgeous filigree earrings are stunning i am astounded at all the beautiful pieces you have made.

  8. Your creative spirit “sings” within every piece, Marica! The fact that you accomplished all this and MOVED at the same time is nothing short of a miracle. Well done, my friend. And, once again, I love seeing the world through your colorful eyes. Awesome blog! You have many gifts, sweet quirky girl! Bravo!

    • Thank you so much lovely :-) We haven’t moved yet. I’m just packing everything and anything in sight right now lol I’m trying to keep my studio last.

      Thanks for stopping by Susan. Appreciate it.

  9. Wow! I’ll have to recover my ability to utter intelligent speech first :) ‘Only’? Is this what you call ‘only’? I don’t want to know how many pieces you create when you *have* time! LOL

    Joking aside, these are gorgeous; the mixes and colours, the added charms, the lovely usage of clasps as earring charms. All beautiful! I love your ‘mark’ too (the fabric piece).

  10. SO MANY EARRINGS! (me too! hehe) and I love them all. Especially the elephants! Those would be so cute with a pair of jeans, as would the flower pair. And using the clasps as part of your earrings is extremely interesting! That octopus and starfish necklace are gorgeous! (I can just imagine wearing them when I visit the beach this summer!) also very pretty bracelets! Good luck on your move – I hope you get back to creating very soon! :)

  11. Marti Conrad

    I have always loved earrings and these are fantastic. The starfish focal is gorgeous and you did a great job with it. I liked everything you did!

  12. You made so many things. I’ll admit to skipping over some of the many lovlies because I wanted to see what you did with the kraken. focal The rustic component fir it perfectly. And how cool to see the different beads coming and going, specifically for me, the tiki face.I think the tiki face should go with the kraken focal but *sigh” that can’t happen

  13. I think you did justice to all the pieces that you made!! I love your earrings, that is something that I don’t make a lot of anymore… and you have inspired me to get busy and make some!
    I love the starfish necklace that you made, what a wonderful use of the shells!!! You are amazing!

  14. Marica, you amazing lady! You did a lot of work here! I’m scrolling back and forth, hem-hawing about what I like best and cannot decide. I do like the first pair of filigree earrings. So often, the filigree gets lost with its components but you did a great job of focusing on the filigree and providing just enough accents. I’m also really drawn to that starfish necklace. Most of all, I LOVE your faux driftwood and your little rustic connecters! They are perfect for your designs and would lend themselves to so many other applications! I’m wanting a stash of them myself. All your pieces are really pretty and wearable. Nice work!

    • Why thank you Lee! Wasn’t so sure about those filigree earrings. They’re so different than what I usually make.

      I made that faux driftwood focal last year I think. I will have to make more because they would go perfectly with my ocean jewelry line.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  15. I already knew we were some kind of kindred spirits, and your earring collection confirms it. I love making earrings and I love how you used your components for all those dangly earrings. I also adore your polymer clay work and how you used it with your swap components to put your signature on things. I’m also impressed you didn’t lose any beads, or your mind, doing the swap and a move at the same time. Well done!

  16. Your earrings are great. Of course the elephant ones are my faves and I really like your Topkaki lace flower earrings because I’m a big fan of that design. But the second bracelet is my favourite of all your pieces. Great design and colour and that faux driftwood focal is amazing. The dragonfly is the perfect final touch! Thanks for sharing, Marika. I can’t believe you did all this as well as moving! What are you, superwoman?

    • Thank you so much Nan! I love the elephant earrings :-)

      I love that dragonfly bracelet too. When I saw all the gray beads, I thought about the driftwood beads I had. I think that it matches the bead colors perfectly.

      haha I wish I was superwoman! I just set aside a couple of days for this challenge and designed like a mad woman! lol

    • Thank you so much Linda! Whew I’m so happy you like the pieces :-)

      Like I said, I wish I had more time to play, so while I like how most of the pieces turned out, something inside me keeps telling me that I could have done better with some of them.

      This whole experience has been a blast. And I’m so happy that I got to know you through it all. You are truly a beautiful soul and I’m really happy that we are friends.

      I can’t wait to have some free time to make some more stuff with your beads. Most of them are perfect for my ocean jewelry line. Weeeeeee!

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