Selling Handmade Jewelry Online

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a necklace and sell it right away without you having to lift a finger? How does spending an endless amount of hours in your studio designing and creating jewelry sound to you? No worries about having to do that online marketing thing, figuring out how Twitter works, opening yet another account on that new social media platform (What? There’s a new one?). You know the feeling.

Selling handmade jewelry online sure sounds like complicated business today. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sadly it is.

I’m a member of many wonderful Facebook groups that focus on handmade jewelry and I see this again and again. Folks who make jewelry would rather be forced to listen to a Justin Bieber song on loop for an entire week then market their own jewelry. Time to write those descriptions or that “About Me” page? Gimme another week of Bieber quick!

Jewelry artists and designers are not usually marketers (unless you happen to be one like me lol). They create, design, dream about future creations, *ahem* hoard beads, buy more beads and findings even though they know all too well that they have enough in their stash to last a lifetime *whistles innocently* … but, they’re NOT marketers. In fact for the most part, they HATE marketing and selling with a passion.

And I don’t blame them to be honest. Unfortunately for many, the mere mention of the word marketing conjures images of slimy car reps and sleazy sales tactics that often go with them. But true marketing doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it never is. You see, it doesn’t need to be.

My very first attempt to sell my jewelry was on Facebook in 2013. I remember like it was yesterday. I was so nervous when I clicked the “Post” button.

How did it go? Within a couple of hours of me posting photos of my necklaces, they were sold out! No kidding. People just couldn’t get enough of them. They kept messaging me and placing orders a week after I posted the photos. Needless to say I was overjoyed. I couldn’t believe that people liked my pieces so much they were actually willing to pay for them.

Make no mistake though. This success didn’t just happen. It took lots and lots of planning and a great marketing strategy. And I’m going to talk about the exact marketing strategy I used in future articles that I am planning on writing.

I hope to help you figure out once and for all this whole online marketing thing. I will cover SEO, which social media channels should you use, why it is crucial for you to use Google analytics, what is the single most important component of online marketing – ignore this and you’re practically toast, etc, etc.

These articles will all be listed in the “How To Sell Your Jewelry Online” section right here. I hope to make it an extensive and easy to follow resource for both jewelry artists and designers.

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Marica xx