Hi there! So happy to see you here. My name is Marica Zammit and I live on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta.

Bead Lovelies

You could say that I’ve always loved art.

I used to draw on any type of paper I could get my hands on – cereal packages, newspapers, magazines, anything … except for books.

Grandpa used to tell my mother “Watch out for that girl. Soon she’ll be drawing on books, walls, anything those tiny hands can reach!!!” Luckily for my mother, I never got into drawing on walls haha. I’ve always loved books, but only for reading. Or studying. Yes I’m a bit of a nerd.

By the way that’s me top left. And below is a photo of one of my favorite beaches in Malta. You like?

malta beach

When I was about 10 years old, my Art teacher encouraged me to take up art as a career.

I remember thinking to myself “How cool is that? My favorite teacher just told me that when I grow up I can draw all day and get paid for it!”

I remember rushing home to tell my dad the news. Unfortunately dad wasn’t as excited as I was.

Like any parent, he only wants the best for his kids and at that time he just couldn’t see how I could ever make a living solely from art. Back then there weren’t a lot of opportunities in Malta for artists. The Internet hasn’t even been invented yet. God I’m old haha

Truth be told, no artist (no matter where he or she lives) has it easy. After all, there must be a reason why the term “starving artist” was invented. .

To cut a long story short, after seeing my father’s reaction I discarded the idea of ever pursuing art as a career. And for a long time (too long!) I focused on other things. Art still remained in my life, I just wasn’t the one making it.

Many years later I took up drawing and painting again.
Since I worked long hours I only painted on Sundays but those were possibly the most peaceful and serene times I’ve ever had.

This oil painting below is still one of my favorites. I painted this some 20 years ago!

water lily

Life sorta got in the way and with time, I started to paint less and less until I stopped altogether.

Art came back into my life again many years later, in the form of a TV show.

I was watching this show one day, not really paying much attention to it but this lady was explaining how you could make flowers with this special type of clay. After she finished making a flower, I thought to myself “Yeah pretty” but wasn’t really that interested.

That is until she said “And now I’m going to show you how you can make a ring with this clay.” A what? NOW we’re talking!

The clay she was talking about was polymer clay. As soon as the show ended, I went online looking for any info I could find on polymer clay. I remember buying some clay and some tools the following day. I was so excited I could not wait for the stuff to arrive. I became obsessed with the medium. Literally. I took courses, bought tutorials, read books, watched videos, the works. Since I was already working for myself, I decided to take a month off (yes one whole month!) to focus solely on polymer clay. Best. Vacation. Ever :-)

After about two years of making jewelry with polymer clay I decided that I was finally ready to start selling my jewelry online. And sell jewelry I did.

artisan owl pendants

I have always loved making pendants and by 2013, I had made enough pendants to last two lifetimes lol

This is when I started toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop solely for my artisan beads.

Having had no previous experience with Etsy, at first I wasn’t even sure whether Etsy was the best fit for my beads. So what did I do? I did what a nerd like me usually does. I spent hours upon hours researching online and taking notes lol I think I started researching around December 2013 but didn’t open my shop until March 2014!

The response to Bead Lovelies has been truly amazing and I couldn’t be happier. I love sending my beads out into the world. I must admit that the thing that I enjoy the most (besides making the beads of course) is talking with other artists and designers. So much talent out there! I love sharing my thoughts, experiences, excitement about new techniques, books, etc.

I am truly blessed for having met so many wonderful artists/designers throughout the last couple of years.

Join me as I continue my journey … living, discovering, creating.

Much love and peace,

Marica xx